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Professors will organize class trips or bring in a variety of guest speakers to spice up the traditional learning experience. Taking advantage of these trips is a great way to see places you may not see otherwise. It’s easy to keep in your bag or purse and when it comes to London weather, it could be raining one second and sunny the next. It’s a great thing to think of when you’re planning how to spend your time and money. Call your bank and credit card company a few days before you leave and tell them you will be out of the country.For example Greenwich Market, Oxford University and Bleinheim Palace are places I maybe would not have seen without the trip being offered to me. This way you’ll never be caught in a freak storm sopping wet and end up with an “I love London” umbrella in a case of emergency. You will have a much fuller abroad experience if you spend your money on tours, traveling and trying new places and foods. Tell them the day you leave and the day you will be returning.Make sure your medical coverage is up to date and you have the paperwork handy. Take at least one class that forces you out of the classroom.Most universities will offer a few classes each semester that are purely focused on getting students out of the classroom and out into the city.• Zomato uses your location to find restaurants in your area.When looking for places on a budget it’s a lot easier than walking the streets and settling on a place out of hunger.Better yet, share your experience with the College Tourist. That way, you’ll guarantee you have at least one good photo from everywhere you go. As someone who gets strep throat roughly 5 times a year getting sick while abroad was something I was extremely concerned about.You might think you’re taking way too many but you’ll be happy you did when you have good pictures to show from her travels. Now that I am settled into my triple room in a small 6 person flat, getting sick is even more of a concern.

If you aren’t able to take one of these classes, most professors understand that by studying in London students are looking for a different kind of learning than being just in the classroom. By going abroad through Syracuse University at their London center, many school sponsored trips come included in the program fee. This isn’t mind blowing travel tip but a good piece of advice would be to invest in a small, compact sized umbrella.Refreshing your newsfeed constantly is only going to make you feel worse.