22-Sep-2017 08:03

Some companies try to mask it with fragrance, and some are worse than others, but there's no hiding it.

Because of the chemical composition, I haven't seen a manufacturer that says you can use their product on the genitals.

This area is very delicate and there's a large chance you could get a chemical burn, or later have peeling and scabby skin.

Many people with normal skin report these bad reactions to depilatories even when used as directed-- not leaving it or too long and removing hair only where permitted.

Hair removal creams are an easy, inexpensive, and safe alternative to shaving, electrolysis, or laser hair removal.

Individuals with sensitive skin should opt for milder formulas containing moisturizer and aloe, and creams should always be used on the appropriate area of the body for best results.She said: “I had a running stomach a couple of weeks ago.It was a scary experience because I had to plead with the taxi driver to stop along the N2 Freeway so I could use the bush to relieve myself. The municipality should repair that toilet for commuters to use.” A resident who refused to say his name but lives near the taxi rank said: “We are faced with the problem of escalating crime at this rank when it is in the night.Hair removal creams, also known as depilatories work by breaking down the hair with strong chemicals so that it can be wiped off.

If you have ever used a cream or spray version, you probably have never forgotten the smell.

Most companies' directions will say you can remove hair on the bikini line though.