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This means that all bios — from your personal website to your Linked In profile to your company’s site — need to be the same. (This also means updating the short bio and two-line bio as well.) Every six months you should be revisiting your bio to see what has changed and what other experience you have accrued. Have someone else read over it too — it’s hard to write about yourself, and you might be leaving a few things out. It drives me crazy to see accomplished people using bios that do not link to their work.You need to tell people who you are and drive the point home. A long bio can be a full page, and can go on your personal website. What you get across in there should be in your short bio. Unless your bio is printed out on paper, such as in a pamphlet for a panel, link to your work.You should have set these aside in an earlier step.You'll need to delete some of the old microcodes to make room.And certain skills — like knowing how to use Photoshop or Excel — are such common skills you don’t need to list them.When it comes to your academic accomplishments, feel free to list your undergraduate or graduate degrees, but draw the line there.

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Meredith Fineman is the founder of Fine Point, a company that empowers leadership through public relations tactics.Just make sure you keep the microcode for your old processor in case you ever need to reinstall it.