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On November 7, 2014, the district court denied HUD's motion to dismiss and for summary judgment and granted plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment.On September 23, 2015, the Court of Appeals vacated the district court's decision and remanded for consideration in light of the Supreme Court's decision in On remand, the plaintiffs alleged that HUD violated the APA because the regulation impermissibly interprets the FHA to provide for disparate impact claims against insurance underwriting and pricing practices that exceed the contours of disparate impact claims permitted by (D.The United States filed two amicus briefs in this case, brought by private plaintiffs.They had claimed that a condominium complex in Anne Arundel County, Maryland violated the Fair Housing Act by failing to be designed and constructed so that it is accessible and usable by persons with disabilities.On March 22, 2000, the appellate court reversed the district courts' judgment for the defendants by holding that "in a case alleging discrimination under the Fair Housing Act the discrimination itself is the harm," and directed the district court to enter judgment for the plaintiffs and to hold a new jury trial on whether the plaintiffs should be awarded punitive damages.The Supreme Court denied The plaintiffs, homeowners insurance trade associations, filed a lawsuit on June 26, 2013, alleging HUD violated the Administrative Procedure Act in its February 2013 regulation formalizing that the Fair Housing Act provides for disparate impact liability.The judge then refused to let the jury consider whether to grant punitive damages.

The United States argued that the City violated the Fair Housing Act by improperly denying a reasonable accommodation when it refused to grant the plaintiff a variance to the City's 1000 foot spacing requirement and six person occupancy limit for group homes serving persons with disabilities.

The Township argued on summary judgment that eminent domain proceedings are not covered by RLUIPA.

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