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The obverse of the coins issued since 1972 carry the Armorial Ensign of the Republic of Sri Lanka.The reverse of the coin the value in numerals and in Sinhala, Tamil and English below and year of issue at the bottom with SRI LANKA in Sinhala on top.The Bank of Ceylon was the first private bank to issue banknotes on the island (1844) and Treasury notes were withdrawn in 1856.The Indian rupee was formally established as the unlimited legal tender 18 June 1869. Thus, the rupee of 100 cents became Ceylon's money of account and sole legal tender effective 1 January 1872, replacing British currency at a rate of 1 rupee = 2 shillings 3 pence. The large, copper 5 cents coin was replaced in 1909 by a much smaller cupro-nickel coin which was square with rounded corners.Need to make an international phone call and not sure which dialing code to use?

On 5 April 2010 Sri Lanka replaced the 10 rupee note with an 11-sided, nickel-steel electroplated coin.

In 1919, the fineness of silver used was reduced from .800 to .550.

Between 19, a wholesale change in the coinage was carried out.

Treasury notes denominated in pounds were issued in 1827, replacing the earlier rixdollar notes.

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Rixdollar notes not presented for exchange were demonetized in June 1831.

In 1944, nickel-brass, scalloped shaped 2 and 10 cents coins were introduced.