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13-Dec-2017 06:05

As I’m fond of saying, dating success is 80% attitude and 20% skill, and a of that attitude involves both issues of masculinity and also understanding and empathizing with women.

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He believed wholeheartedly in the “alpha fux/beta bux” model” where men who are “beta” will only ever be hated and used by women, a model which our parents seem to fit.I mention all of this because one of the things I’m always pushing against are the toxic philosophies that so often masquerade as dating advice.The Pick-Up community, for example, be of use to men wanting to do better at dating, in theory…My brother’s gotten caught up in the Red Pill Philosophy.

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It’s a mindset that shows up a lot in the nether regions of the internet that’s basically a mix of PUA and Men Going Their Own Way, but with a lot more violent misogyny.He also gaslighted my mother and threatened her with a physical attack when he didn’t get what he wanted, since he believed she hated men and was out to get him.

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