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He was also an intellectual, an extremely talented writer, portrait painter, published poet, occasional racing driver, wartime secret agent, shark-hunter, adventurer and by the end of his life an ardent conservationist.

He also had a brief dalliance with Princess Margaret.His remote and autocratic paternal grandfather was Sir Herbert Maxwell, the 7th Baronet of Monreith, man of letters, natural historian, prolific author and sometime secretary of state for Scotland, a scion of one of the oldest families in Scotland.Thus Gavin was born into the high aristocratic elite of society, a background and esoteric upbringing that would never equip him for any sort of normal life.After one such row at Sandaig, Maxwell banished Raine from the house.

She ran to the rowan tree at the burn, grasped it in both hands and, weeping uncontrollably, cried out, ‘Let Gavin suffer in this place as I am suffering now!His mother did little to ease this most personal of journeys for her youngest son.