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Place the downloaded firmware within the UPDATE folder. Check the hard drive It might seem obvious but before we do anything with the PS3’s hardware plug your external hard drive in and ensure that the PS3 recognises it.Personally, I’d format it beforehand and stick some photos on and ensure that the photo browser finds them.However, when reading up on the subject I found lots of guides that missed out critical pieces of information or were just plainly confusing. I’ve not provided details on what key presses are required where these are mentioned on-screen – I found that some instructions were wrong, or had simply changed, so if it’s quite clear how to proceed then I don’t detail this.It may look quite daunting but that’s just so I can cover everything – it’s genuinely easy to do (and if you think otherwise I’d suggest you look up how to do the same on an Xbox!If you have Premium your game saves can be restored from the Cloud.This is what you’d certainly do if you had a hard drive failure and hadn’t had a chance to take a recent backup.The size of drive you need is dependant on how much you need to backup and you’re unlikely to get it onto a USB memory stick so an external 2.5 or 3.5″ drive will probably be necessary.

Storage have done an excellent review of the drive. Seagate’s 500GB SSHD Thin drive at 7mm is a wallet-friendly alternative for users seeking new technology that provides low-power consumption, serious performance gains over conventional HDDs when in cache, and overall solid value per gigabyte.A short time ago, Sony issued PS3 software update v4.45, which was supposed to offer minor software upgrades and the ability to turn off Trophy notifications.However, for some users, it came with a hidden catch — the update rendered many consoles totally useless.Original “Fat” Replacement (courtesy of i Fixit) Slim Replacement (courtesy of i Fixit) Super Slim Replacement (courtesy of Gamespot) Your new drive is in place and now it will need re-building from the firmware installations and backups that you have.

Connect a controller to the PS3 via a USB cable and switch the PS3 on.Up until now nothing has been specific to the model of Playstation. Each of the 3 models – “fat”, slim and super-slim – have their own method of removing the drives.

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