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He was also aware of a growing curiosity in the big man. You know I don't make that much money; I can't really afford spending that much on things we don't need.' 'What you need,' Tyler told him, 'is someone who gives you plenty of hot sex without wanting anything in return.' 'Nice try, sunshine' Gary said 'but that someone has to have a pair of tits on her.' Tyler felt stung and needed to hit back.He had started asking Tyler about his personal life and about what he did in bed. He left his eight inch boner sticking out of his fly and opened the door. 'I bet you would fuck a shemale just because she has a pair of tits.' Gary's face flushed.There lay his fantasy; a beautiful blonde with the perkiest tits you could ever hope to see and real come-to-bed eyes.She pouted at the camera she teased her hard nipples with long red nails. There was not a hint that this beautiful chick hid a secret, but the knowledge that she packed an extra punch had Gary so hot that his boner was soon stretching the fabric of his pants.And slowly, slowly, his temperament seemed to improve.Now that Frank was gone Gary was lonely and had to turn to Tyler more and more for company.As the weeks went by Gary found he developed a begrudging respect for the little guy. He loved cock and didn't care what Gary thought about it. 'You're not going to get me that easy.' Gary replied.If only women loved cock as much as Tyler did, Gary thought to himself, the world would be a really wonderful place for men. 'Just you go ahead and make that thing spit.' So Tyler slowly jerked off, all the while watching the reaction in Gary's eyes.

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Gary's hands were just about trembling as he flicked the magazine open.Often Gary would grab a handful of his beefy nuts and say 'The sight of all this flesh driving you crazy? And then one day Frank simply didn't turn up for work.