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And according to individuals who said they had witnessed the shooting, he had either been gunned down while running from the officer or facing him with his hands raised, pleading, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”The next day, Ferguson was convulsed in rioting, and protests broke out in other cities.

Black Lives Matter sponsored a series of “Freedom Rides” to Ferguson, and its Internet messages went viral.

Charlotte’s demonstrators had taken to the streets spontaneously.

Her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, also met with activists who came away saying that the senator was “very open to being pushed” toward their point of view.

The campaign of Republican aspirant Jeb Bush claimed that he, too, had met with the group, but this was later disputed by activists.

In 2015, Time named Black Lives Matter a runner-up for its annual “Person of the Year.”Where the journalists and entertainers go, philanthropists are likely to follow, and so it was in this case even as a variety of groups and advocates jostled for the Black Lives Matter banner.

Google announced a half-million dollar grant to Cullors to monitor and combat police brutality.

In the flash of a muzzle, Charlotte became the stage for the next act in a wrenching national drama about race and law enforcement.