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She tried to kill her husband too, but the gun malfunctioned, authorities said Jacob called 911 again about 2.24am on Thursday to report that his wife had shot the girls.

He can be heard sobbing and asking why she had done it in the recording released by the sheriff's office.'She was asleep when I went to sleep last night.

He added that Sarah has an older son who lives with his father and who was not in the house at the time of the shooting.

In 2010, Child Protective Services was called to investigate Sarah, but the information is confidential.

Her bond was set Friday at million, and she was being held at the Henderson County Jail on suicide watch.

Deputies say they received a call around 11.30pm on Wednesday from her husband, Jacob, who is stepfather to the girls (Kay Lee Danielle, left, and Kenlie, right).

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The Mabank Police Department is serving about 3,000 citizens with a relatively small force and they are committed to protecting life and property while preserving the peace of the citizens through innovative crime prevention techniques. The contact detail of Keith Bradshaw is given below: Mabank uses the Mabank TX Police Jail which is considered to have the medium capacity and it is a Municipal/Police Jail facility and the building is used by an entire police force who operate in there, so the security of that building is pretty high.The Mabank Municipal Court is responsible for issuing of a warrant in the city.