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For more information, please see this Microsoft Support article about the 64-bit Regsrv.You will get a dialog box prompting you that your control has been unregistered or registered successfully. This is basically an auto-updated XCopy Deployment technique. For example if your application accepts command line parameters it might do the new version check itself and if found then start the small updater (passing it the command line parameters), then terminate. That launcher could check a network share for a new version, and if found copy the newer files to the local PC before starting the actual application and terminating.Auto CAD 2011, Auto CAD 2012, Auto CAD 2013, Auto CAD 2014, Auto CAD 2015, Auto CAD 2016, Auto CAD 2017, Auto CAD 2018, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2011, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2012, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2013, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2014, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2015, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2016, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2017, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2018, Auto CAD MEP 2011, Auto CAD MEP 2012, Auto CAD MEP 2013, Auto CAD MEP 2014, Auto CAD MEP 2015, Auto CAD MEP 2016, Auto CAD MEP 2017, & Auto CAD MEP 2018files, as outlined for your operating system in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and in How to backup the system registry.More information about the registry is available in Help topics in the Microsoft Registry Editor.As best I can remember, UNC names wouldn't work, a mapped drive letter was required.Whether it was strictly a regsvr32 issue, or was caused by something else (e.g. If you want to register the file for use on the remote machine, you you need to run the code on that remote machine.

In some cases your OCX file may not register properly, and as a result, will provide a "DATAFORM. Fortunately, you can use a built-in utility called "Microsoft Register Server" (regsvr32.exe) to re-register your DATAFORM. OCX and other OCX system errors can be related to problems in the Windows registry. OCX file, but when these programs are uninstalled or changed, sometimes "orphaned" (invalid) OCX registry entries are left behind.

MSDN Disc 0773) attempts to load a corrupt or missing Active X control.

Also, these problems may occur if some Active X-related subkeys are missing from the Windows registry. OCX errors that can appear on a Windows-based computer are: These OCX error messages can appear during program installation, while a DATAFORM. MSDN Disc 0773) is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system. OCX error occurs is a critical piece of information in troubleshooting the problem. OCX is an external file, it presents a big opportunity for errors or malicious file manipulation to occur. OCX becomes corrupt, it cannot be loaded properly by your application, and will result in an error message. OCX file errors could be related to issues in the Windows registry.

And anything not on the boot drive or at least a local hard drive isn't sensible anyway.

You risk breaking the user's other applications. Just to begin with "run from network" PE files (EXE, DLL, OCX) need to be specially linked for it or you risk high network activity and crashes due to intermittent network interruptions. Now, you could do this and still ignore the hazards of PE files run from a network share, or you could bypass that using a small launcher program.

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