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19-Dec-2017 06:29

A Punch can plough an acre a day; a tractor can whizz through 50.

Many went to the slaughterhouse and, within a few decades, they were the rarest horse in Britain.

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Thousands of Suffolk Punches died in battle during World War I, but slowly and steadily, their numbers recovered — until the Sixties, when the use of tractors became widespread.There really is no better adult dating site on the internet where you can meet slags who are up for a good time.You can view thousands of naughty photos, be as naughty as you like in our adult chat rooms, swap and share phone numbers with some incredibly dirty ladies and we over 1 million members in our database you should have no problem finding a slag for you. Today, the gene pool is vanishingly small.‘We need to get everyone who has a mare breeding before the population becomes too low to sustain,’ says Tom Beeston. ‘We can breed them until we’re blue in the face, but someone’s got to want them,’ Tracey says. Gambolling in fields, tossing their beautiful manes and chomping wild flowers is not what they were meant for.

But, once mature, they cost next to nothing to keep.‘They’ll live on air and straw,’ says Tracey. Unless they’re working hard, of course, then they’ll need a few oats.’They have lovely temperaments, rarely throw their weight about and, Tracey insists, they’re pleasant to ride — as long as you have a step ladder and are brave enough to take charge of a ton of horse.‘It’s surprisingly comfortable but there’s an awful lot of animal to reel in when they get going.’In recent years, fans of the Suffolk Punch have been doing their utmost to get them into the public eye and make people want to own them.

Even better, people are buying them to ride, entering dressage classes, At last year’s Woodbridge Show a Suffolk Punch came third in the show jumping. Back at the Suffolk Punch Trust, we watch the horses swish and snort and munch.‘If these die out, how would we feel?

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