Taurus dating taurus

12-Jul-2017 06:17

The ruling element for Taurus is the earth which makes them practical, drawn to rational pursuits which can be taken to a material end.Finally the Taurus is a fixed sign and this is perhaps responsible for their unyielding and at times obstinate nature. Challenges in a Taurus-Taurus love match On the whole, a Taurus-Taurus match can claim to a high degree of success as far as love compatibility is concerned.Taurus lovers are usually patient and even happy to let their partners be, unlike a Cancerian for whom emotional intimacy is extremely important to a successful relationship.

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Instead a Taurus pair will more likely have only a small circle of close and long-time friends.

It is this hard, unyielding nature of a Taurus that poses the biggest challenge to a long term relationship between partners of the same sign.

Another personality trait that could have the potential for causing some unhappiness in a Taurus-Taurus match is their resistance to change.

If this had been a Gemini or Sagittarius partner, he might have been dragged out to a nightclub or diner much to his displeasure.

Again while a Taurus woman likes to be indulged with a fur coat or a weekend getaway at the nearby spa every now and then, she is suspicious of wasteful extravagance of an Aries or the ostentatious luxuries of a Leo woman. He will ensure that his partner has a large home with a lovely garden perhaps with even an indoor swimming pool only on the reassurance that she will be as cautious as him where money matters are concerned.

However despite their cautious nature, both the Taurus man and woman are united in their love for the finer things of life.