Updating blob fields in mssql women dating sites lincoln ne

10-Nov-2017 15:56

Because the data is in a binary format, it can be either Unicode or non-Unicode.

SQL Server 2005 data types are based on VARCHAR, NVARCHAR, VARBINARY and XML.

A small binary value, called a pointer, is stored in the row.

This binary value points to the location within the data files where the data is actually stored.

When using these data types, normally you would specify the maximum size of the data to be stored.

It uses the TEXTPTR function to obtain the correct binary pointer, which is used to locate data in the physical file: Text Data Example.)) In SQL Server 2008, it's rumored that we'll get a new data type called the FILESTREAM data type, which can store binary data such as office documents outside of the normal database files.

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