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The vendor had a sticker on it mentioning the date of 1907 A cursory look over, the frog surface, the dates of patents on it, no frog screw adj, low knob etc, all pointed toward the same vintage, so I did not questioned it, I just quickly look up where 1907 falls in the Type study: Type 9 1902-07 and proclaimed it earlier in a previous post.

Now lets see if the seller and I still agree when looking closer.

Leonard Bailey designed what has become the standard plane configuration that's still in use to this day.

That would be with the one piece lateral adjuster tip That started at Type 6 1888-1892.The vast majority of Type category pretty well all start with a sentence like: All the features of the previous, except: That means we have to look back in order to see what else to look for.I first quickly look for a major feature changes like the Frog screw adjustment (Type 10), First lateral lever (Type 5), Height of front knob, Frog receiver changes etc.That is part of my indoctrination of any "new" tool entering my temporary custody.

Clean, assess, research Document; - provenance - pictures as found then after restoration I often document the process for my future references - anything I found about it; catalog copy, maker's history, auction results or screen shot of current price Etc.If you're at all fascinated with handplane design, follow this link to read all about the Better Moustraps smoother.