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Calculations of nitrogen-broadening coefficients and their temperature exponents for methyl cyanide lines at the room temperature using semi-empirical method are presented.

They were performed for wide ranges of rotational quantum numbers J and K requested for atmospheric applications: J from 0 till 70 and K from 0 till 20. Dudaryonok The quality of the spectroscopic line parameters from the HITRAN Database for remote sensing of the water vapour isotopic composition of the atmosphere is widely discussed.

are performed in the range of pure rotational and vibrational-rotational transitions at T = 300 K and T = 1000 K temperatures.

The calculations were carried out on the basis of the developed by authors high-temperature database of NO Problems underlying a systematization of spectral data on the methanol molecule are formulated.

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The interaction potential used in the calculations of broadening and shift coefficients was chosen as the sum of pair potentials, which were modeled by the Lennard-Jones (6-12) potentials. It is shown that as such beams propagate in the weakly turbulent atmosphere, the relative variance of OAM fluctuations remains much smaller than the relative variance of intensity fluctuations. This setup can be used for experiments in different atmosphere conditions. Hardware-software complex includes the numerical model of the atmosphere on a computational cluster. For two models of the ionospheric layers obtained analytical expressions for the dispersions and correlation functions of the amplitude level in the layers.

However, for transitions to highly excited states, the intra-molecular motion cannot be treated as small amplitude vibrations, and as a consequence, corrections due to the intra-molecular interactions are large. Pore size distribution was bimodal with the maxima at 5.5 nm and 77 nm. The spectral line parameters - line positions, intensities and half-widths were obtained by least square fitting. The structure and content of the main components of a generalized meta descriptions are presented in detail on the example of reporting meteorological observations from land and sea stations.

The vibrational dependence of the line widths was studied by a high resolution Fourier-transform spectrometer IFS-125M. As a result of the spectrum analysis the line list containing more than 1500 lines was created. (2008) with the use of atmospheric data of the meteorological station of City of Kamloops (Canada) within the period from to . O absorption line parameters in the temperature and humidity range observed in the mid-latitudes.

Calculations of self-broadening are performed using a semi-empirical approach. The analysis of temporal behavior of the absorption coefficients of CO laser radiation on thirteen lines in the variable magnetic field was done. The total zenith tropospheric delay (ZTD) is an important parameter of the atmosphere and directly or indirectly reflects the weather processes and variations.

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This method is further developed by using anharmonic wavefunctions in the estimates of line profiles. A description of an Internet accessible software «Optics and spectroscopy of gas-aerosol media» is represented. This paper presents a hardware and software complex for continuous measurements and prediction of atmospheric thermodynamics and radio waves refraction index.Line-broadening and line-shifting coefficients derived from the fitting were compared to calculated data. The spectral line parameters have been compared with the previous measured and calculated data. Numerical analysis of the distribution of spring thermal bar in Kamloops Lake was carried out with mathematical simulation methods. A comparison of the simulated spectra and measured high-resolution atmospheric spectra in the near-infrared water vapor bands, is carried out. The comparison of the vibrational band centers obtained from the analysis with the predictions based on the potential energy surface (PES) suggests that the hypothesis of the “reef structure” at the ozone transition state towards the dissociation is not confirmed by spectroscopic observations.