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20-Aug-2017 00:39

A secret stoner, this guy only comes out of his shell when he's baked, which explains his timid retraction when his ex-wife threatens to keep him from seeing the kids if the two of you keep seeing each other (she is the only one allowed to have a life).

When communication comes to a screeching halt, you borderline harass him for a while, demanding a reason why.

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The Drop-Dead Gorgeous Douchebag This is the guy who motivates women to leave their husbands.

They look for it at, because here it exists and can be found. If you want to contact other members, you will need to subcribe.

Using 12is quick, easy, safe and completely anonymous.

He's quiet and shy, but that's OK because you're plenty crazy for both of you.

Steady text-streaming while each of you carpools kids around town leads to formal date nights that involve hiring sitters and end with late-night conversations while lying on the grass in his backyard.

Behind the seductive veneer, he houses a huge secret that can easily go undetected by single moms new to the dating scene: He only wears flip-flops.

Say hello to Cinderfella, who, like his female namesake, yearns to be rescued by love and craves a happily ever after. The almost non- stop digital contact indicates an unhealthy obsession with you that is characteristic of a Cinderfella, says Cindy. “If he’s expecting crazy amounts of your time from day one, chances are, he’s a Cinderfella,” says Cindy. If he’s all about fulfilling his needs but not into meeting yours, ditch him, pronto.… continue reading »

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